Principles of Financial Management (Emery, Finnerty, Stowe)

Principles of Financial Management
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Using an abundance of actual applications from the “real world,” Principles of Financial Management shows how an understanding of the general theory of finance can help develop a “ready intuition” for solving problems never seen before — and how this intuition can be applied to the world of corporate financial management. Features an abundance of applications — most involving well-known corporations — all designed to illustrate how financial principles are useful and immediately applicable to the real world. Offers a practitioner’s real-world perspective, drawing on one of the author’s extensive first-hand experience and unique insights in the everyday world of finance.
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  1. Anonymous Says:
    I’m a student of University.The content of the book is great but the book didn’t give the answer for every problem for every chapter. So, when I want checking the answer, I just know that the book didn’t give the answer together with the book. So, I hope you can send me the answer to me in a very,very short time. Thannk You for your reply.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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