Microeconomics: Theory and Applications, 8th Edition Update (Browning, Zupan)

Microeconomics: Theory & Applications, 8th Edition Update
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With this new, less expensive Value Edition of Browning & Zupan’s Microeconomics: Theory & Applications, you get a rich array of everyday-life microeconomic applications and clear explanations of theoretical concepts, at one great price. But that’s not all. This Value Edition also features: New Excel-based tutorials that will help you improve your grades
A registration code packaged inside this text gives you access to new Excel-based tutorials. These tutorials guide you through key microeconomic topics with interactive graphs and charts, integrated help boxes, and page references to the text for further review. 20 new real-life applications (for a total of over 140 applications!) These applications help make microeconomics interesting, relevant, and easier to understand. New applications include: Why State and Local Policymakers Are Not Fond of Online and Catalog Commerce, The Economics Behind Anti-War Protests, Making Telemarketers Pay, an d more!
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Item added on Fri, Aug 6, 2010

Category: Economics, Microeconomics

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2 reviews for this item

  1. Abdulkadir Cayboylu Says:
    it’s a bit confusing about microeconomics.if you’d like to learn micro not a great book
    Rating: 5 / 5
  2. Jonathan Camfield Says:
    The closer I read this book, the less I understand. It is written in a very labrynthine and overly-detailed style, jumping between examples and terminology.

    It does a very poor job of giving an overview of the theories. This book over-complicates even the simplest concepts of economics, most likely to be in compliance with the 14% new material rule for textbook editions. It presumes a knowledge of algebra and eventually some calculus, but spends a paragraph explaining the derivation of circumfrence, and how Pi is roughly equivalent to 3.14, in my favorite example of the authors bogging down in petty details.

    If you are assigned this book in class, I highly recommend changing to a different class, or hoping that the prof (as is my case) gives clear lectures and uses the book to provide some further depth, but doesn’t overly engage in using or testing from it.

    Rating: 1 / 5

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