Concepts in Federal Taxation 2010, Professional Version

Concepts in Federal Taxation 2010, Professional Version
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Murphy/Higgins’s CONCEPTS IN FEDERAL TAXATION 2010 offers students a better way to learn tax – through a conceptual approach. This approach presents taxation as a small number of unifying concepts. Once students understand these concepts, they can apply them to specific tax rules and to basic aspects of everyday economic life. The authors present the latest tax changes in a clear and straightforward manner so that students are not overwhelmed with technical detail. The text introduces students to individual taxation and covers business entities at the end. Concept Checks throughout this edition present material in comprehensible segments, ideal for CPA Exam review. Examples, appearing frequently throughout the text, relate concepts to familiar business scenarios using an engaging discussion and answer format. Murphy/Higgins’s CONCEPTS IN FEDERAL TAXATION 2010 promises more exercises than any other text of its kind for the practice students need. H&R Block’s TaxCut? software and Checkpoint? Student Edition from Thomson Reuters are packaged with each new copy of this text to provide your students with additional professional experience!
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  1. S. Smith Says:
    The textbook itself is useful/helpful in the info it presented. However, the software that the teacher uses, that comes with the textbook, is full of errors, i.e. poor grammar and use of language. It is hard to understand the exam questions. Many of them had mistakes that made no sense. For example, a problem presented a situation involving a grandparents’ gift to a child, then the question asks about the uncle’s tax treatment of the gift when there was no mention of an uncle giving a gift in the first place. The “correct” answer to this problem implies that their “uncle” was suppose to be “grandparents”. The people who wrote the accompanying software need to learn how to write a proper sentence in English. This was a nightmare!! But I am not complaining as much as before because regardless of this wacky package, so far I have a grade of A in the course.
    Rating: 3 / 5
  2. Pranil R. Patel Says:
    1. does NOT contain the software package, as the description notes

    2. book came dirty with black marks on the cover

    Rating: 1 / 5

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